Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management programme at TEP-TEPE Thammasat School of Engineering provides students with a well-rounded education in the field of mechanical engineering, as well as the vital management skills required to excel in today's industrial landscape. The curriculum delves into a variety of subjects, including mechanics, thermodynamics, manufacturing processes, and industrial management.

An outstanding aspect of this programme is its focus on industrial management. Students will gain knowledge in Engineering Project Management, operations management, and project management, which are highly relevant in today's fast-paced industrial environment. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to engage in practical projects and research in these fields, providing them with hands-on experience and a competitive advantage in the job market.

Our programme also allows students to specialise in a particular area of mechanical engineering through various courses. Some of the options include Industry 4.0 and IoTs, Industrial Controls and Automation, and Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering Design. In the final semester of the programme, Year 4 students have the option to pursue an exchange study, a research project, or an internship programme to further enhance their learning experience. Our faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. They are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive education, hands-on experience, and access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to our students. Our laboratory facilities are designed to support learning in various subjects, including Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Management, and more.

Graduates of this programme will have a diverse range of career opportunities, including positions in mechanical engineering, industrial management, and manufacturing. Furthermore, they will have the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue graduate studies in areas such as mechanical engineering and industrial management. This programme is ideal for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial management. With the combination of technical and management skills.

Selected subjects in this course:

Study Plan

The curriculum is wating for approval from university council. The study plan may be slightly changed from here


Semester 1

TSE100    Ethics for Engineers                             0 (0-0-0)

MA111          Fundamentals of Calculus                             3 (3-0-6)

ME100          Engineering Graphics                                     3 (2-3-4)

SC133           Physics for Engineers I                                   3 (3-0-6)

LAS101          Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing             3 (3-0-3)

IE121            Engineering Materials I                                  3 (3-0-6)

TU143           Man and Environment 3 (3-0-6)

EL105           English Communication Skills                        3 (3-0-6)

Semester 2

MA112          Analytic Geometry and Applied Calculus       3 (3-0-6)

SC134           Physics for Engineers II                                  3 (3-0-6)

SC185           General Physics Laboratory                       1 (0-3-0)

SC123           Fundamental Chemistry                                3 (3-0-6)

SC173           Fundamental Chemistry Laboratory               1 (0-3-0)

CE202           Engineering Mechanics – Statics                     3 (3-0-6)

TSE101    Introduction to Modern Information Technologies             1 (1-0-2)                               

CN101          Introduction to Computer Programming         3 (3-0-6)

EL295           Academic English and Study Skills             3 (3-0-6)


Semester 1

MA214 Differential Equations 3 (3-0-6)

IE261 Engineering Statistics 3 (3-0-6)

LE207 Fundamental of Electrical Engineering 3 (3-0-6)

ME200 Mechanical Drawing 2 (1-3-2)

ME210 Mechanics of Materials 3 (3-0-6)

ME220 Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics 3 (3-0-6)

IE250 Manufacturing Processes 3 (3-0-6)

IE252 Engineering Tools and Operations Laboratory 1 (0-3-3)


Semester 2

TSE200 Applied Mathematics in Solution of Engineering 3 (3-0-6)


ME240 Mechanics of Fluids 3 (3-0-6)

ME230 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 3 (3-0-6)

ME310 Mechanical Design 3 (3-0-6)

EI201 Digital Circuit and Microcontroller 3 (3-0-6)

LE203 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Laboratory 1 (0-3-1)

TU100 Civic Engagement 3 (3-0-6)

CIS106 Leadership and Influence 3 (3-0-6)


Semester 1

ME320 Mechanics of Machines 3 (3-0-6)

ME321 Measurement and Instrumentation 3 (3-0-6)

ME330 Heat Transfer for Mechanical Engineering 3 (3-0-6)

ME391 Industrial Controls and Automation 3 (3-0-6)

IE304 Operation Management 3 (3-0-6)

IE310 Industrial Work Design 3 (3-0-6)


Semester 2

ME300 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I 2 (0-4-2)

ME322 Mechanical Vibrations 3 (3-0-6)

ME331 Fuel and Energy Conversions 3 (3-0-6)

ME351 Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering Design 3 (3-0-6)

EI320 Industry 4.0 and IoTs 3 (3-0-6)

IE314 Engineering Project Management 3 (3-0-6)

IE362 Quality Control 3 (3-0-6)

Summer Semester  

TSE380 Industrial Training


Semester 1

ME400 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II 2 (0-4-0)

ME430 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 3 (3-0-6)

TSE480 Seminar in Engineering 0 (0-3-0)

TSE407 Mechanical Engineering and Industrial 1 (0-3-0)

Management Project I (Track 1)    

AP168 Design Entrepreneurship 3 (3-0-6)

DE101 Financial Planning for Economic Stability In Life 3 (3-0-6)

XXXXX Free Elective 3 (3-0-6)

XXXXX Free Elective 3 (3-0-6)


Semester 2

Track 1 : Research Track

TSE408 Mechanical Engineering and Industrial 2 (0-6-0)

Management Project II      

MEXXX Technical Electives 3 (3-0-6)

MEXXX Technical Electives 3 (3-0-6)


Track 2 : Oversea Exchange

TSE411 Special Topic in Engineering I 3 (3-0-6)

TSE412 Special Topic in Engineering II 3 (3-0-6)

TSE413 Special Topic in Engineering III 3 (3-0-6)


Track 3 : Long – Term Internship

TSE424 Long – Term Internship in Mechanical

Engineering and Industrial Management 9 (at least 480 hours)