Tuition Fee

TEP (Tuition and Expenses Projection)

During the first 2 years at Thammasat University:

For the final 2 years at an overseas university (Please note that these estimations include tuition fees, dormitory costs, and personal expenses, but the actual costs may vary depending on individual lifestyles):

Estimated total cost: GBP 76,750 (THB 3,300,000)

Estimated total cost: AUD 188,900 (THB 4,660,000)

Estimated total cost: EUR 42,950 (THB 1,666,000)

TEPE (Tuition and Expenses Projection)

The TEPE program's tuition fee is set at 90,000 Baht per semester, amounting to a total of around 720,000 Baht for the entire four-year program.

TEPE x UoN Program Tuition:

For students participating in the TEPE x UoN program, there is an additional tuition fee for the study abroad component, which is approximately £8,300 for the final semester of their bachelor's degree at the University of Nottingham.

At the master's level, tuition fees are determined by the University of Nottingham's established rates and are applicable to all students.