2024 TEP-TEPE Admission

A range of tracks, aligning with the qualifications of potential students, is provided within the TEP and TEPE curriculums. The international rounds are made available for applicant selection, with one to be chosen. Furthermore, an open application process through the TCAS system is implemented (For Thai students). Comprehensive details concerning each of these rounds can be found in the section below. 

International Rounds

International Program Admission 2 

Admission Calendar 

        Date of application: Today - 3 June 2024 

        Announcement of applicant eligible for interview:  11 June 2024  

        Interview Date: 12 June 2024  (Online)

        Official announcement of qualified applicants: 17 June 2024 

       Confirmation date in TCAS clearing house: 17 - 18  June 2024 

       Announcement of admitted applicants: 28 June 2024

**The annoucement will be announced at www.tep.engr.tu.ac.th/admission/announcement**

Tracks of Application: 

For more details of Standardized Test and English Proficiency Test Score  [click here]

The Number of Seats

TEP Programme:

TEPE Programme:

Submit your application online at www.tse-admission.engr.tu.ac.th 

Application Guideline 

TCAS Rounds

Please follow 2025 Admission Calendar 

Prospective applicant can submit their admission applications via the TCAS (Thai University Central Admission System). TEP-TEPE is open for applications during the TCAS Portfolio round. 

Applicants are required to submit the following documents: Admission information for 2024

Please follow the next Admission Calendar in September 2024.