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Classlist and Class Schedule midterm/final 
Examination policies.pdf


TEP-TEPE Students Please check schedule for Final (semester 1/2018) Examinations.  
If you have time conflict or any problems please contact TEP-TEPE office by November 26, 2018.
  TEP-TEPE Final Examination Schedule for Students.pdf (Semester 1/2018) 
  AUTO Final Examination Schedule for Students.pdf (Semester 1/2018) 


Twinning Engineering Programmes (TEP) &
Thammasat English Programme of Engineering (TEPE) &
Automotive Engineering Program (English Program)
Lists of equipment, documents allowed in the examination room.


 1.AE315 Reaction Engineering- Any scientific calculator and one A4 short-note are allowed.
 2.LE325 Transmission Line- Only two sheets (two-sides) of hand-written notes and a calculator are allowed in the examination.
 3.AE461 Process Dynamics and Control- Text books are allowed.
- Calculator is allowed.
 4.AE211 Thermodynamics- Calculator is allowed.
 5.ME230 Fundamental of Thermodynamics- Only scientific calculator provided by the FoE is allowed to be used for the test.
 6.AE205 Material and Energy Balances- The students are allowed to bring along only the following items;
• A sheet of hand-written A4 paper. Two -sided writing is permitted.
• A unit conversion table
• A periodic table
• A calculator
 7.ME431 Power Plant Engineering- Any scientific calculator is allowed.
 8.IE341 Safety Engineering- Only your own handwriting short notes are allowed to use for the examination, Not limit number of the short note pages.
 9.CE321 Structural Analysis I- Programmable scientific calculator is allowed to be used for the test.
10.CE445 Construction Contract, Specification and Estimation- Scientific calculator is allowed to be used for doing the test.
- Textbooks, short notes and all other relevant material can be brought into the test room.
11.LE340 Electronic Circuits- Only non-programmable calculator are permitted for use during the examination.
12.IE364 Operations Research- Scientific calculator is allowed to be used for the test provided that it must be initially reset and have visual checks by a proctor. Note that the use of an inappropriate calculator will be considered as misconduct.
- Textbooks, lecture handouts, short notes and relevant material are allowed into the test room.
Class lists
        AU200-770001 PATTAYA.pdf
        AU320-770001 PATTAYA.pdf
        IE121-770002 PATTAYA.pdf
        ME392-770001 PATTAYA.pdf

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