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Classlist and Class Schedule midterm/final 
Examination policies.pdf


TEP-TEPE Students Please check schedule for Final (semester 2/2016) Examinations. 
If you have problems please contact TEP-TEPE office by May 5, 2017.
  TEP-TEPE Final Examination Schedule for students.pdf  (Tuesday, May 9, 2017)
  Automotive Engineering Final Examination Schedule for students.pdf  (Monday, May 22, 2017)

ME300 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I (Section 750001)
Date:  18 May 2017
Time:  13.00-16.00
Room: ME Workshop (2nd Floor)

Date:  SATURDAY 20 MAY, 2017
Time:  11.00
Room: EGR-320

EL202 English for Work (Section 750001-750006)
Date:  23 May 2017
Time:  09.00-12.00

CE545 Building Information Modeling in Civil Engineering (BIM) (Section 750001)
Date:  30 MAY, 2017
Time:  13.00 – 16.30
Room: EGR-705

AE315 Reaction Engineering Section 750001
Date:  31 May 2017
Time:  13.00 – 16.00

CE382 Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering Laboratory (Section 750001)
Date:  3-Jun-17
Time:  17.00-18.30
Room: EGR-502

List of students who will not be allowed to take the final exam for MA111, MA112
MA112 Section 750001
     1. 5810751593   
     2. 5910750099   
     3. 5910751014   

MA111 Section 750001
     1. 5910756195   
     2. 5910756377   

MA111 Section 770001
     1. 5910640118   

MA111 Section 750002
    1. 5910750727   
    2. 5910751345   
    3. 5910751675   
    4. 5910752269   

MA111 Section 770002
    1. 5810640069   


Twinning Engineering Programmes (TEP) &
Thammasat English Programme of Engineering (TEPE) &
Automotive Engineering Program (English Program)
Lists of equipment, documents allowed in the examination room.

 1.CE437 Prestressed Concrete Design- Open books, notes, and other related documents.
 2.HR201 Principles of Management- Only 2 pages of A4 note (2 sides) are permitted in the examination. (Hand-written)
 3.CE331 Reinforced Concrete Design- A specific scientific calculator is allowed to be used for the test.
- Textbooks and relevant material to the text are allowed to be brought into the examination.
 4. IE361 Industrial Data Analysis- Scientific calculator, only the specific model for the Faculty of Engineering, is allowed to be used for the test.
- Only five pages of A4 short note are allowed for the examination.
 5.ME331 Heat Transfer- Any scientific calculator is allowed.
 6.LE209 Intro. to Electrical Engineering- A nonprogrammable calculator provided by TEP/TEPE office is allowed in this exam.
 7.IE435 Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing- The calculator is allowed to use only CASIO calculator model: FX-991ES or FX-991ESPlus.
 8.LE365/466 Power System Analysis- Calculator is allowed.
 9.SC184 Physics for Engineers Laboratory II- Scientific calculator is allowed to be used during the exam.
 10.CE372 Hydraulic Engineering- Books are not allowed, only short note (A4 size) 1 page is allowed, it must be written by your own hand writing.
- Calculator is allowed.
 11.AE213 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I- Any scientific calculator is allowed.
- One piece of A4 paper (copy or hand-written) is allowed.
 12.ME311 Mechanical Design II
- This is an open-book examination.
- All forms of calculators are allowed.
 13.IE251 Manufacturing Processes for Mechanical Engineering
- 1 sheet of A4 (2 pages) is allowed for the test.
- All calculators are allowed to be used for the test.
 14.IE407 Industrial Cost Analysis & Budgeting
- Calculators and Talking Dictionaries are allowed.
- Book and print matters are allowed.
 15.CE212 Surveying Laboratory- Allow only non-programmable calculator.
Class lists
      AU300-770001.pdf Pattaya
      MA112-770003.pdf Pattaya
      ME231-770001.pdf Pattaya
      SC134-770002.pdf Pattaya
      TU156-770004.pdf Pattaya

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